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This plan demonstrates using guided reading and Socratic seminar using a story by Francisco Jimenez.

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This is a good resource for teachers, parents and people who work with young people. The book provides some helpful tools in teaching english and writing..  To download it right click and click save as or hold down the command key and click on the link.

Activities for English – pdf Activities for English - cover



Check out a few of the activities from the book


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This is an outline of a presentation to new teachers

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Check out these 6 simple ways you can improve your writing

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Attached are a few readings that may be useful for graduate students and teachers. Below the readings is a powerpoint presentation for secondary teachers.

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How Finland Keeps Kids Focused Through Free Play Education by Tim Walker from the Atlantic Magazine



How Finland Keeps Kids Focused Through Free Play – Education – The Atlantic

Like a zombie, Sami—one of my fifth graders—lumbered over to me and hissed, “I think I’m going to explode! I’m not used to this schedule.” And I believed him. An angry red rash was starting to form on his forehead.

Yikes, I thought. What a way to begin my first year of teaching in Finland. It was only the third day of school and I was already pushing a student to the breaking point. When I took him aside, I quickly discovered why he was so upset.

Throughout this first week of school, I had gotten creative with my fifth grade timetable. Normally, students and teachers in Finland take a 15-minute break after every 45 minutes of instruction. During a typical break, students head outside to play and socialize with friends while teachers disappear to the lounge to chat over coffee.


A Barrio pedagogy: identity, intellectualism, activism and academic achievement through the evolution of critically compassionate intellectualism.




Barrio Pedagogy 2009 copy

In this paper we forward our experiences and understanding of how we have used critical race theory (CRT) in our classrooms; more importantly, we bring forth the voices of students as a method of conveying the impact of our CRT classroom exercises. These exercises are parts of three structures that we created to counter the reality of racism and subordination within the American education system. These creations are: the Social Justice Education Project (SJEP); the Critically Compassionate Intellectualism Model of Transformative Education (CCI); and CCI’s Third Dimension. An explanation and description of the SJEP and CCI are forthcoming in the next section of this paper, and in last section of this paper we explain CCI’s Third Dimension.



The Implications of the Navajo Nation Sovereignty in Education
Act of 2005 on Arizona Reservation Public Schools




Navajo Nation dissertation


In 2005, the Navajo Sovereignty in Education Act was signed into law by
the Navajo Nation. Like the No Child Left Behind Act, this Navajo Nation
legislation was as much a policy statement as it was a law. It marked the first time
that the Navajo Nation linked sovereignty with education by expressing its intent
to control all education within its exterior boundaries. The objective of the law
was to create a department of education that would resemble the states of Arizona,
New Mexico, and Utah in which the Navajo Nation resides. Through their
department of education, the Navajo Nation would operate the educational
functions for its populace.


Secondary Classroom Tactics Powerpoint

This is a powerpoint presentation which details strategies and activities which can be used in the secondary classroom.

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